About Us

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Who We Are

True Emotions is a family company, which saw its roots in Founder Janet Silva’s desire to create a way for people to open up and express feelings that are not always easy to get out. She decided that greeting cards would make the perfect channel of communication, allowing people to share their emotions in a gentle, non-threatening way.

Once the idea was born, she shared her vision with her husband, Caesar, sister Gorin, and daughter, Jackie, who were immediately on board. Together, they decided to embark on a journey to realize that dream...


Our Goal

During a conflict, our Voices can carry contempt, anger, distrust, sarcasm and so much more. Say what you have been keeping inside, robbing you of peace, but say it right. By combining two basic languages, pictures and words, we create cards to heal and make amends, in order to restore drifting, lost, broken and sometimes just difficult relationships. 

We have been listening, and now we will cater to your needs, creating cards that speak your emotions ... inspired by compassion and empathy.


Mission Statement

Our aspiration is to create cards that will help people confront and resolve relationship issues. Our cards will provide a new, constructive channel of communication, aiming to bridge the relationship gap that has formed in our technologically-driven world.

Our cards will be distinguishable by their unique messages, graphics and overall physical appearance. Our messages will always be written in a sincere and positive manner, recognizing that sometimes we must tear down in order to build up, but never forgetting our Christian beliefs as the foundation of everything we publish; and our motto, “Mending Hearts one card at time.”

We consider innovation crucial for success, and will work to continually develop material that is both original and inspiring.
We are committed to helping our planet and those who inhabit it; striving to be ecologically friendly and creating initiatives that will allow us to give back to the community.
As a family company, we have a high regard for family values. We believe in sticking to your morals, and will work  to be ethically and socially responsible in everything we do.


Why Paper Cards    

To renew the old art of written language by mending hearts one card at a time. The act of sending a paper card is an emotional process that involves both the sender and the recipient.

The steps required to send a card is part of an emotional process that helps create a catharsis and a sense of accomplishment in the sender, whether they're awaiting a response or not. The recipient immediately knows that the sender cares enough to have gone through the process of  actually selecting, filling out and giving the card, and that act in itself creates a positive feeling.

For your convenience and in order to facilitate the complete process, we have provided the option in our shopping cart of adding a US First Class stamp directly to your card envelope.

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