True Emotions FamilyIn 2009, after rediscovering herself through the power of self-help and counseling, Janet Montalvo Silva realized how many other people must be out there who were not only living their lives to please others, but keeping they way they truly feel inside and swallowing their words to avoid conflict, as she once did. She knew that keeping confrontational emotions inside only leads to unhappiness and eventual eruption, instilling a desire in her to create a way for others to open up and get their feelings across, allowing them to confront without being confrontational.

“We are unique,” Janet often says. “Our problems are not.”

The idea for True Emotions came to her like divine intervention, and it was planted in her heart to use greetings cards as the channel of communication.

 “So many people have a hard time expressing themselves,” Janet said. “I would see greeting cards in stores and think, ‘why aren’t there any cards aside from sympathy that address real life situations, not just happy, carefree topics?’”

Greetings cards are commonly exchanged on all types of occasions, and people are generally receptive to accepting and reading their contents. Janet knew that because greeting cards are associated with gifts and holidays, the receivers would not be as defensive, and it would show that regardless of the feelings expressed in the card itself, it was given out of love.

She shared her vision with her husband, Caesar, sister, Gorin, and daughter, Jackie, and knew she wanted them to join her in realizing that dream. Together, they created a partnership and decided to embark on a startup journey … and so began True Emotions.

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