Meet the family

Janet Silva, Vice-President/Founder

After completing her bachelor's degree at the prestigious Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico, Janet married Caesar, her husband of 32 years and counting. She is the proud mother of three, Caesar, Jr., Christian and Jackeline. In 1991, as her husband’s career took the family to Venezuela, Janet left her job as manager of an insurance agency, and was blessed with the opportunity to become a stay-at home mother.

Along with being a full-time mom, this allowed her to be an active school volunteer and full-time friend to many. Her intuition, compassion and generosity drew others to her instinctively, and she always made time to lend her counsel and advice.

In 2009, after rediscovering herself through counseling, Janet realized she could help more than just her immediate circle of family and friends by offering the benefit of her experience and wisdom. This longing brought her to an idea for a line of very personal greeting cards that strike at the heart of life's most serious issues ... and so True Emotions was born.

She is a strong believer that transformations are possible, but only by confronting first ourselves and then the people around us the right way.

Oftentimes we believe our problems are unique and insurmountable, which can lead to inactivity, neither facing nor seeking help for our difficulties. And then because of a counselor, self-help book, article or talk show, we are blown away as we are presented with a mirror of our own life's dilemmas and the revelation that it's possible for us not only to desire but to achieve peace and joy.

No one described it better than F. Scott Fitzgerald: “That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

She describes herself as goofy, music lover, insatiable reader, pursuer of peace with a joyful heart.

                                                    "We are unique ... our problems are not." JMS


Caesar Silva, President/Co-Founder

Caesar built his 32-year career at a Fortune 100 Company, working in numerous management positions and culminating as an International Sales VP responsible for a $280M business unit. Throughout those years, he had the opportunity to expand and enhance the foundation that had started with his university studies at IAU, where he majored in business administration.

In the various positions he held, he explored the many different aspects of running a business and had countless enriching experiences dealing with cultures around the world. He learned, first hand and at times through others, what works and what doesn’t; always hoping that he would one day have the opportunity to apply that knowledge to a business of his own.

Caesar was recently offered an early retirement package, and what some might have viewed as a life crisis turned out to be the proverbial blessing in disguise; opening up the doors for him to fulfill his lifelong dream: starting a business that he could share with his family.

In this new stage of his life, he finds himself realizing his dream of entrepreneurship, alongside his family, and feeling truly blessed with the opportunity to apply all of his experience and passion toward True Emotions.
In his spare time, Caesar loves to read fiction and war stories, as well as travel and watch lots and lots of movies with his wife Janet. When the business allows, he hopes to get some track time both watching and driving race cars.


Jackie Silva, Director/Co-Founder

Jackie is a recent University of Florida graduate, GO GATORS, where she followed her passion for communication to the College of Journalism & Communications; graduating with a degree in public relations and an outside concentration in business administration. Although it may not be explicitly listed on her diploma, some might say she also majored in Gator football and team spirit.

Five years ago, she would have laughed, politely, at anyone who said she would be starting a family business upon graduating college. But, God had a different plan.

During her senior year at UF, her mother, Janet, expressed her vision for a new kind of greeting card company, one that would help people express their feelings and confront issues commonly found in all relationships. Although the business was only it in its "dream" stage, Jackie thought that this could provide her with the opportunity to use both her education and skills to help others. Having experienced first hand how a lack of communication can damage even the most loving relationship, she was immediately on board.

Nowadays, her family continues to work together, coming up with new card material and bouncing ideas off of each other. When she is not working, Jackie spends her time hanging out with friends, horseback riding, at the beach or seeking a good adventure, and playing full-time mommy to her beloved four-legged daughter, Zanti Corazon, a rescue from a dog sanctuary in Puerto Rico.


Gorin Gyurtsak, Director/Co-Founder

Gorin is an encourager who loves to see people bloom under the rain of edifying truths. She sees herself as someone whose sole dream is to help people change for the better. Her first magazine subscription was for Psychology Today at the age of 15.

Even though she worked as a software engineer for many years she rarely sees herself as a technical person, but instead as an extremely compassionate person who just happens to be a software engineer.

In 1999, when she personally experienced the transforming power of the truths from the Bible, she knew that this was what she had always longed for, for herself and to share with others.

Now, Gorin spends a great deal of her free time getting people together and forming groups that encourage changes from the inside. Changes that over time bear the fruits that people have always longed to see in their lives.

She currently hosts two groups at her home in Nashville, TN. A married couples group, along with her husband George, and a women's group in which they encourage each other to always strive to fulfill their dreams, specially, those dreams that are aligned with the plan that God has for our lives.

Since her re-birth in 1999 she has spent a great deal of time pursuing knowledge about what makes people want to change, and what works for permanent change. What she has found is that recognizing and sharing truth is what makes people free. In order to be able to assist people who desire to see permanent changes in the way they do life, Gorin has pursued certifications in personal, and spiritual coaching.

Gorin and her husband George are very passionate about helping struggling marriages heal. Together they have been instrumental in restoring many marriages. Gorin believes that bringing truths to light in these people's marriages is what has made all the difference.

Gorin's focus is to restore peace into people's lives; she recognizes that she is just an instrument in the process of helping people to identify their own truths, and that she is not responsible for the dramatic changes she has observed, they are.

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